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Why Search engine marketing using Bing is important - Free guide

Are you wondering why I wrote an article on considering Bing as a medium for SEM or search engine marketing at all when Google is so popular. Article aims to show you a comparison of my own campaigns using Google AdWords and Bing.

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It looks stupid to many digital marketers when we talk about Bing, I was also one of them until I tried out Bing ads personally. After my experience with Bing ads I thought of sharing all advantages I got from Bing platform. It is a natural tendency to follow the crowd or do whatever many people are already doing. I am not an exception here, after advertising using google and its expenses I realised that it is necessary to look for different mediums or channels to make the website known. While evaluating other options I registered myself with Bing ,to my surprise I got an offer of Rs. 3000 free credit from Bing to try out search advertisement with Bing.Hope you could also get this free credit from Bing and get benefited from it.To register with Bing clik here

I started with Bing and initially felt it very different, it took me 1-2 hrs to learn and then it was cool, overall method is very similar to google AdWords. Take a look at the features of bing and it looks very similar to AdWords.

5 reasons why you must consider Bing ads:

  1. Easy to use no much effort to set up.Even you can import AdWords campaigns.Bing is the second most used search engine

  2. Very important -Low Cost:

    8-10 times cheaper than Google AdWords for same keywords. I ran a campaing using Bing for my topic was web design and I used about 6 keywords and analysed the campaign results.Take a look at cost comparision between google and Bing bid prices.Left side is Google Adwords and right side is Bing.I have real campaign results from Bing.From below picture you can see that the keyword "web design" costs Rs69.8 in AdWord and Rs8.8 in Bing.You could search this in keyword planner and come to a conclusion.

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  4. Good CTR (click through) ratio: Minimum 1.3 % and maximum of 5.5% is seen in below campaign.This is also promising,

  5. Low CPA : It depends normally on how appealing the content is , even with that the cost of acquisition is low with Bing due to the cost per click is low .For a web design advertisement I got CPA of Rs 80 per lead. I hope this is not bad as cost per click of Google itself is near to 80Rs for the keywords used.

  6. Better average position : Get better average position due to less competition.

Similarities between Google AdWords and Bing:

Disadvantages of Bing compared to Google AdWords:

Hope this article helps you all for your personal journey.

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