Increase trafic using AdWords /PPC (pay per click) advertisements

What is PPC advertisements?

There are about more than 1 billion websites across the world. When a search is made you get crores of web pages related to the information searched. A user cannot see all of them, studies show that the 95% of the users will only check first page in google and they will not look for next pages. To rank on top of google with such a high competition is difficult for the business that are in starting stage.

Search engine provides another option called SEM/PPC – pay per click campaigns.

Google AdWords platform provide the feature to advertise a business online using search and display methods. Typically it looks as shown in the picture. Ad symbolizes the paid advertisements.

PPC advertisement

“Buy books online” is a keyword used for advertisement in search engine.

A business needs to be advertised online as 80% of the people search on google before buying any product

9 reasons to use Google AdWords or PPC advertisements

1. PPC advertisements come handy when the brand is in new and there is a need to connect with prospective clients.

2. Website is pretty new and traffic is not much

3. As SEO takes time to build the domain authority and the on page optimization, it is advisable not possible to rank on top page in google.

4. For lead generation and for specific location and interest targeting. Local business works very well with google AdWords. Exact location targeting is possible with google AdWords, this also helps to optimize the cost.

5. With google AdWords you can set up very easy remarketing campaigns. This increases the brand awareness with a low cost. This increases the conversion rate for your business.

6. When the ad is optimized, it becomes cost effective and ranks higher in google

7. Easy to determine the return on investment as the conversion and clicks are transparent.

8. Based on ROI it is possible to further optimize the advertisement.

9. Google AdWords gives the option to control daily budget and also to find out the bidding per click

How to use keyword planner tool of Google AdWords

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign up with AdWords

Step 3: Go to keyword planner and start researching for your business

Take a look at one of the tutorials shared in YouTube below. Thanks to the person who shared it.

10 mistakes to avoid when using Google AdWords platform

1. Not making enough research about the right keywords – it is important to take a look at the volume of search and its competition. If competition is high then the cost per click will also be high, this leads to high cost of advertisements

2. AdWords work with hierarchy Campaign à AdGroups à Ads. It is important to make a clear category of keywords for advertising, otherwise the quality score for the ad becomes low

3. Not optimizing the Landing page for the keywords used in Ad. Some people use their website as a landing page. This affects the ad performance and ad ranking in google.

4. Not aiming at converting the visitors to customers in landing page

5. Not optimizing the campaign cost based on Ad performance

6. Not doing different Ads for A/B testing – this helps for better conversion and better user experience.

7. High loading time of landing pages. Ideally a landing page should load within 2-3 seconds. Users will not be happy to wait for the landing page to load.

8. Not creating mobile responsive Landing pages. Almost 50% of the users browse internet using smartphones, so it becomes necessary to make mobile responsive Landing pages. Some of the best landing page design software that don’t need coding are,

9. Not using negative keywords: This helps to overcome unwanted traffics.

10. Not refining the keywords based on Ad ranking and performance experience

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