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Digital marketing , a journey that will definitely inspire new digital marketers

I am dedicating this Blog to all digital marketers new to the field and to those from whom I learned this great knowledge.

Since last 2 months I have been writing weekly blog about different topics like website design ,digital marketing, Analytics. These blogs are made by studying and experimenting with digital marketing techniques.

Today's Blog is something different, it is about personal experience I went through the digital marketing journey and about how difficult it is for a new digital marketer ,the reality vs the imagination. I want to share my experience to inspire new digital marketers.Many people claim that you can earn huge money by Blogging and they promise you to give a formula.But in reality there is no formula, it is all about your dedication and smart work.

I am still in a good job with good salary. have steady income from past few years .It feels like a kind of settled , but deep down I want do something different ,my own stuff apart from my daily job. One Sunday I saw a news paper ad saying "Resign your job and start your own business from today". Workshop title was very much appealing , without much thought I joined this workshop.It was for 2 days and at the end of two days, I realised that title of the workshop is very good but it failed to help me in jump start my venture .Of course the workshop gave a lot of information but the purpose was not served.

I became desperate and started to search google, found a course "advanced digital marketing" from DISM (Delhi school of internet marketing). Joined the course and learnt about digital marketing for 4 months every weekend for 4 hours. Each and every topic taught were unique by experienced gurus who are actually into digital marketing or are bloggers or affiliate marketers. It was worth the money spent.

During the course I decided to make my website to promote web design and digital marketing as an agency and built a website and started with WordPress website and managed it for 4-5 months .Google analytics used to show traffic as almost zero every time. Organic traffic was completely zero that means no one on earth found my beautiful website. After on page SEO also the situation did not improve at all for 6 more months.

This situation made me to think and to go through different blogs on digital marketing. Blogs from Neil Patel are really eye openers. I met a blogger who started just 6 months back and the website had very heavy traffic and Alexa rank was very good, and I discussed with her about what she really did, Answer was "Daily Blogging ".This conversation really changed my mind.I decided to share as much information as possible to build audience trust and provide useful contents to audience. From that moment I made sure to set up a plan to write useful blogs and experiences that could help others. Weekly Blogging started on my website. I stopped doing much of keyword research and started sharing experiences and the writing became easy and natural after couple of blogs. Even though my writing skill is not so great I believe that I could provide useful information to audience and help them to build their business .

Now this is the 7th Blog I am writing and the trigger for this Blog is increase in my website domain authority and traffic. When I started domain authority was 1 and today suddenly I saw it became 10. This made me very happy and confident and thought of sharing this information. Domain authority plays an important role for better search engine ranking. Alexa started showing improvements. Traffic increased and bounce rate decreased to 35%. At the end of this blog I will summarise some of the important steps that helped me to build domain authority and website traffic.

Summary of actions for a digital marketer to achieve organic traffic for a website

1 Create a plan for producing useful contents for your target audience: You could make use of video tutorials, Blogs, Webinars. But make sure that you engage your audience with fresh and useful contents. Content is the king.

2 It is all about sharing: Make use you post your content to social media

Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Reddit .Reddit gives quite good engagement. As organic traffic is much difficult to get during initial days publish your content to social media.

Important tips about Facebook.

- Share the link so that once the post is clicked it should direct the user to your website

- Type in the link and after the page summary is shown on Facebook, delete the link and then post it.

- Post a curious title and a big image.

- Post when most of your audiences are active, check for the time and day of the week from page insights before posting.

- Share the page on other’s timeline to increase the engagement. Normally Facebook reach is low when you post on a page compared to on a timeline of a person.

- Use the option of Boost post for really good content .Boost post is much cheaper compared to other ads.

- Interlink pages based on need so that the user is engaged with right content.

- Make your Blogs sharable on social media.

Build back links

It is the most difficult task as per my experience. Till now I am able to build only 5 unique backlinks. I am successful with following directories. Bloggers have posted huge directory list but most of them won’t approve your website until you have great content.

Below directories boosted my websites domain authority. Try it for yourselves.

Try out different other directories. But do not buy links.

Give reference to other Blogs that are really providing valuable information.

Subscribe and join Moz community to check your domain authority. Moz also provides a lot of tools and insights for improving SEO.

I am very confident that even though the competition is tough you can get top ranking with continued high quality content delivery on your website. Come whatever just keep blogging ,at least on a weekly basis. Do some research, study and provide valuable inputs to your users. Continued content sharing can help you to build a great website. There is no short cut as claimed by some digital marketers. Hard work, sticking to the plan, being helpful pays off on a long run , nothing else.There is a long way to go for all of us.Lets enjoy this journey of digital marketing

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