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How digital marketing can generate more leads for yoga studios

Before we get into the technicalities and steps of digital marketing, I want to tell my story about running a yoga studio. There is a strange connection between digital marketing and yoga in my life. First came yoga and then came digital marketing. Let me make it clear in a minute.

As a passionate yoga learner I and my friend decided to start a yoga studio in Bangalore. A place was found arrangements were made and money was paid to rent calm and quite place amid of busy streets in Koramangala. We hired a good teacher and with all energy and interested our venture started. We were not expecting profit out of this, but we did not want to pay from our pocket for long time. With this understanding offline marketing was done. This is the most tedious job when you have financial limitation. A big campaign of pamphlet distribution and banners, this took almost 20K rupees and at the end we got only 5 students. From that point the disappointment started for us. There is no way to track off-line ads and what appeals to people. Targeting became very difficult. Due to our passion for yoga we ran the studio for about a year and a half but finally the day came and we had to close it.

Apart from other lessons one of the hard lessons I learnt was about cost and difficulty of marketing each experience is unique and gives some sort of learning, after this event my digital marketing journey got kick started. Digital marketing is very dynamic and technology will change very fast and one has to keep himself updated. After attending trainings and series of lectures on digital marketing from highly experienced Gurus, I have realised that the application of digital marketing would have saved our venture of Yoga studio. It is a lot easier to advertise digitally, you do not need external support when you know the subject, you can run advertisements base don your budget and whenever you want it.

Now it is time to go through step by step process of digital marketing for yoga studios.

Step1 : Create a website using wordpress or use any free medium lie Blogger or Wordpress.org to present your studio. I would prefer own website to showcase the required content. Mae sure the website loads fast and add real pictures of your sessions and studio.

Step 2: Create Facebook fan page with contact details and timings. Provide link to your website in facebook.

Step3 : Start posting yoga session pictures, create testimonials and upload them on facebook.

Start boosting the post to reach audiences. Target nearby locations. Boost post is of very less cost. Once people start engaging with the content invite them to like your fan page. Build trust and share daily posts about yoga and advantages of doing yoga. Ask your students to share posts on their timeline

Step4 : Run google PPC ads. Read more about how to run google or Bing PPC in previous article. Run the ads at least one week in a month to get new leads. To get good quality leads its important to focus on precise targeting.

Step 5 : Submit your site for google indexing and apply SEO techniques. Click to read more about SEO .Create weekly blogs to engage your audiences .content is the king in SEO world. Keep writing valuable inputs for your target audience.

Step6 : Upload session videos on Facebook to increase the engagement. You could make use of YOUTUBE as well.

It is a long journey to build a successful venture, but digital marketing will definitely help all sort of fields in, because the number of users of digital media has increased drastically. For a yoga studio digital marketing is ideal compared to off line marketing.

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