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15 free Digital marketing Resources that will help you to boost your business.

When you start working online you will realise that there are thousands of tools and resources available. Internet is evolving very fast, making today’s favourite tool a history tomorrow. There are many free and paid tools available.

Often new digital marketers find it difficult to precisely find out which resources will be easy and useful for them. After about a year of web design and digital marketing, decided to create a list. Thanks to Paul for triggering this thought. Tools described below are being used extensively and I got benefited from them. I write this blog so that you do not have to spend a lot of time to find out required tools.

1 Domain buying :Godaddy.com - For buying domain this website is very useful, also check for coupon code and you get domain name at very low price if you are a first time user in godaddy.Namecheap is another website , but I have not tried it.

2 Web Hosting : From many reviews I have come across BlueHost as the best one , I have tried to use Godaddy , but the loading speed is low. Another alternative I suggest is Hostgator.com

3 Use content management system like WordPress or Joomla for developing your website : Link for how to develop website

4 WordPress plugins that you need for efficient handling of your website : click to read about plugins for supercharging your Website.

5 GetResponse for subscriber handling or email marketing and regular newsletter circulation: This tool is not free but you can try it out for a month for free.You could use it for creating landing pages and run PPC campaigns to capture leads.

6 WordPress premium themes could be found in themeforest and evanto studio is another great place to get plugins and scripts

7 After you have installed WordPress and you need to upload good images.Free stock images could be found at Pixabay and Unsplash

8 Modification of images or combining images and adding text could be done using Canva .Create an account, it is absolutely free.

9 After you are done with website design , check the speed of different pages using GTMetrics .Google analytics also provides speed insight , but I found GTMetrics as very useful as it provides more information

10 Normally images take too much memory and slow down page load time. Use WPsmush or TinyPng to compress images for faster page load time.

11 Set up Google analytics for your website to observe the audience insights regularly.

12 Google webmaster tool for search engine indexing

13 Sendy.co : Very cheap email marketing software , it is one time investment and subsequently you will pay to amazon based on usage. Be careful if you have digital marketing website amazon AWS will not approve your email marketing request.

14 ManageFilter A twitter plugin to clean up and unfollow inactive and unfollowers.

15 DISQUS plugin for making your blogs more engaging. This plugin helps for better moderation of comments. This plugin is absolutely free.

These are the list of tools, apart from these tools you could also follow neinpatel.com , a great website to get more information about digital marketing tips and tricks.

do share any of your favourite tools and resources , so that it would help me ans the visitors of this page

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