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Tips on E-mail marketing

Is Email marketing dead?

With the advancement of the digitalization many of you might be thinking that e-mail marketing is dead. However based on the current marketing statistics it is clear that E-mail marketing plays a vital role in promoting a product and to stay connected with clients. Handling of email communication in a personalized way through automation is becoming a trend in the marketing industry. More of automation helps the business to reduce manual effort increasing the efficiency. Personalized messages based on the interest of the customer is one of the most important aspect in today’s email marketing.\

The way marketing done using emails has changed but the email marketing itself is not dead and it is very cost effective.

Types of email marketing

There are two types of email marketing campaigns

1) Bulk email marketing (spamming)

2) Opt in email marketing

Bulk email marketing is like landing in someone’s house without invitation. In this method you are sending emails to many people without knowing if they are interested in offer or not. This method is prohibited in western countries like USA, Germany…. In India it is not considered as illegal. So some marketers follow it.

Opt in email method is to build the subscribers list on your own. The target audience list is built based on the interest of the prospective clients. This is one of the best ways to make an effective campaign. Minimum bounce rate will be assured .Domain reputation will not be affected.

Newsletter is one of the best ways to keep in touch with clients and provide latest information and offers.

7 Reasons why you should use Email marketing

1. You can have a clear targeted segment of audiences

2. Very low ratio of bounce ratio

3. Easy setting up of auto responders – this helps to automate the communication and highly personalized message handling.

4. Highly cost effective solution with high ROI (return on investment)

5. Unless like Facebook delivery ratio is 90% .High chance of reaching the audience

6. Open platform and no need to worry about rule changes like in AdWords or in social media marketing

7. Highly measurable .You can measure bounce rate, open rate, click rate etc.

7 Best practices for effective email campaign

1. Refine the list periodically or have the email software refine the list like deleting hard bounced email ids from your list, unsubscribed user list.

2. Refine the list based on the user behavior and make some judgement to identify the potential buyers of your product.

3. Test the email by sending to few user Ids of your own to check if lands in inbox or spam

4. To know more about spam filters and working of spam filters refer this article

5. Use a standard template with the structure like below

Hello [name]




Link to click


Explain more advantages of the offer


Link to click


Testimonials for those who are not convinced


Link to click

Unsubscribe link

6. Subject line and the first sentence is the most important part of your email. Keep it very attractive and make the reader curious about it. Thought of sharing a very nice blog for writing the good headlines .read this blog

7. Do A/B testing of the links placed

3 Best email marketing tools used by digital marketers




Aweber and Getresponse are more flexible to use where as Mailchimp is bit more difficult to use, but cost effective. All these platforms provide few days of trail period so that you can familiarize with these platforms.

If you still feel it is difficult to set up the subscription list and email marketing campaign, don’t worry we are there to help you. Write to us.



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