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Frequently asked questions on digital marketing

Digital marketing uses internet to showcase products and services , users will see advertisements on their computers or on smart phones while browsing. There are many ways to do marketing online. Search engine marketing, Social media advertisements, email marketing, content marketing and display ads are few examples of digital marketing .
Both online and offline businesses could get benefits from digital marketing. As of today name any brick and motor business, it has online presence. For example businesses like ecommerce, health care, hospitals, retails, Saloons, Fitness centres, Book stores, training institutes, product companies, Service companies , consumer goods etc. are making use of digital marketing.
Having your own website helps a lot for supporting all types of Ads. If you don’t want to have a website still you can promote using Facebook fan pages or google business and so on. It is highly recommended to have own web site as it helps to build trust with audience and you avoid the risk of too much dependency on other platform. You can customize the user experience as you wish when using your own website.
Yes, there are many paid courses online. Huge Information is available in internet to refer. As the information is very much scattered it is advisable to go for trainings. YouTube has huge collection of videos with rich contents on tips and tricks of digital marketing. Personally I have attended DSIM (Delhi school of internet marketing).This institute is bit costly but has very experienced tutors.
It depends on the type of business and also on how much you would like to spend and the amount of visitors you need. Important things to cover are website development and maintenance, budget for search engine marketing, content creation, social media marketing. These are different types that you should consider for budget. If the budget is less and you want to do it on your own then dedicated effort is required for this. Initially to build platform and to create useful contents for target audiences , it may take minimum 6 months to get organic traffic.Digital marketing is constant learning and skill upgradation is a must.
Many people today think of making money online without much effort and in a short time. You will hear that there are sure shot formulas .But there is no short cut to success .You need to add value to your audiences by giving valuable and authentic information. It really takes a lot of commitment and effort for creating good content.
Google algorithm is highly complex and the exact working is kept secret. SEO ranking depends on many variables and it will not be possible to guarantee that a page ranks on first page. However by adapting right SEO techniques with good amount of content it is possible to rank higher in google.

If you have more questions , please leave them below , it will help me to extend the FAQ list.


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