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Google analytics -Expert tips for digital marketing of your online business

Website is like a global portal and any one can find it across the globe. When you are selling products or offering services you need to know about your audiences and their interests. Google analytics tool exactly helps you to achieve this. Today many industries have started focusing on data analytics to get customer insights. Data analytics has grown very fast in recent years. Read this article if you want to know how to make use of data analytics for your blog or website

Most of start-ups or small business owners invest heavily on website design and forget all about the data analytics part of it. Here are some expert tips on how to leverage google analytics tool for data mining of your web site.

What is google analytics tool?

Google analytics tool is free web based service provided by google to help people understand the website traffic of their website. You can track up to 25 websites using google analytics for free.

Link to google analytics tool.

You can login to google analytics using your gmail and configure your domain name to get daily data updates from google. Help document on set up of google analytics

How can google analytics help in measuring your website performance

google analytics can help you to find out a number of things. Take a look at the list.To help you better understading a picture of google analytics dashboard is added

 how google analytics works, google analytics tool

- Visitors on a given day

- Source from where visitors are reaching- Source could be direct or via social media, referrals, paid ads

 how google analytics works, google analytics tool

- Bounce rate

- Average session duration

- New Vs returning customers

- Visitors demography information like gender, age group, city, interest category etc.

- Conversion tracking ,i.e. how many took action on web page

- Web site performance information like DNS connectivity and page load speed

- Real time monitoring of number of users

 Is google analytics free, google analytics tool

How to interpret the data from google analytics?

Above information is vital for understanding where to improve the website. Example a high bounce rate indicates that visitors may not have appealing content. It needs further improvement. If average time spent on website is low it indicates that the quality and the content needs improvements

Source of the traffic tells which medium is generating traffic for your website

How users are reaching the website, do they use mobile or desktop or tablet

Loading speed greater than 3 seconds reduces the chance of visitors staying on your page

You can track all your conversions using google analytics and get a clear picture of which medium is giving you good ROI.Digital marketing is all about reaching the right audience and optimizing conversions and it heavily depends on data analytics.

Important configurations to be done in Google analytics for better insights

First and foremost step is to insert tracking code from Google analytics to header section of all pages in your website

Configuring filter to remove internal traffic is very important. After every update you will be interested to take a look at your website, your view will also be counted as a session. This event should be excluded from google events for good data quality

Integrate AdWords accounts along with google analytics account. This step will help you to track paid ads ROI

Integrate with Search console to track organic traffic vs other traffic

Track conversions, conversion could be someone subscribing or buying or viewing a page or any actions as you think necessary. Configuration of goal tracking and its value should be configured in analytics account

Overall when configured correctly google analytics could provide extensive information about website traffic and customer insights. Every web designer or Blogger or an entrepreneur should make use of this handy tool for successful digital marketing

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