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5 proven techniques for highly converting landing page design

What is a landing page?

For many people landing page seems to be an alien word, and for some people its home page of a website, landing page is a single page used for search engine marketing campaigns.to capture leads or convert visitors to customers.

For example If you are selling mobiles, you have a lot of different collections, you want to advertise mobile phones and get contacts of potential buyers who are searching in internet , then you will run search engine marketing or display campaign (google/Bing Adwords campaign) .Your landing page will specifically have the offer details and a call to action form.

Landing page is a place where you make conversions; call to action is very prominent here. There is a big difference between a website and a landing page. Landing page has specific time and it is alive till your ad campaign is present.

Types of landing pages

There are 2 different type of landing pages

1 Short landing page

2 Long landing pages

5 Techniques for high converting landing page design

1 Do not direct the visitors to your website, instead make a very clear landing page to collect the lead .Visitors should not be diverted and the focus is to collect the details.

2 Design the Landing pages with the structure shown below for long landing page.

Introduction of offer

Details + Benefits - description

Call to action

More details of the offer

Call to action


Call to action

Call to action could be filling a form with email Id or phone number .Observe that call to action is repeated multiple times. After the client fills the details and submits it he or she should be taken to a page which just thanks the client and gives link to home page so that he could learn more information about the brand. This page also helps to track all conversions in Google analytics. If you have an ecommerce platform then you could create landing pages with direct sales pages where clients can buy your products.

3 Design the Short Landing page like below

Offer details



Call to action

4 Make the landing page more engaging by providing videos describing your offer and testimonials

5 Make use of professional tools, use Pop ups to increase the conversion There are number of software supporting the landing page creation .Personally I have used Getresponse and it works pretty well. You can create a landing page add a pop up and get leads via these pop up forms.Get response provides one month free usage for new users.

Getresponse : Get response is an integrated solution for both advertisements and for email marketing. It provides high degree of automation features. You can set up autoresponders to send newsletters to all subscribers. You can send schedule posts and welcome messages as soon as someone subscribes.Email could be made highly personal by addressing the name of the recipient.

Aweber : This is email marketing software together with landing page creation. This platform is also very popular as it makes the best user interfaces in the industry. Both Aweber andGetresponse are bit expensive tools to buy for small businesses. They cost about 15-20$ per month for 2500 subscribers, this is bit expensive and you cannot make bulk emailing .All verified leads could only be contacted. This is a double opt in software. Verified leads will only be available.

If you are running on budget constraint and you want to design your own landing page Another way is to create your own design with HTML or with bootstrap platform. One of my favourite platforms is Bootstrap. Boot strap is highly light platform thereby ensuring very high performance and the page loads very fast. Check out our free landing page template for customization. This is a free sample page that needs to be customised for your business. With the manual landing page creation you have to maintain the subscribers information manually .A mail could be triggered when someone subscribers to the offer.

How to use sample bootstrap landing page for high conversion

Step 1 : Extract the zip file and copy the contents to root of the website .Make a subdomain of the main domain and copy this content.

Step2 : Modify the title, heading and new image that suits your business. Make changes to index.php

Step 3: Customize the form elements - change the destination email id. You can also write your own php script to collect leads in a database. This is little difficult and needs technical knowledge.

Finally link this page or subdomain to your ad campaign.

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