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SEO tips and tricks to increase traffic

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is a step by step process to improve visibility of a web page based on user search insight.

Is SEO done on a web site or on a page?

SEO is always done on a single webpage and not on whole website

Tips for website owners

Do you believe that just a stunning website will attract your prospective clients?

Answer is a big No. Studies show that there are about 1 billion web sites. First ever web site was launched in 1991 and then World Wide Web has increased exponentially. About 75% of the web sites are created but inactive, there are no user engagement on these websites. When there are one billion web sites, how do you expect the users to find the information they need, here comes search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Most popular search engine today is google.80% of the people search in google for products before deciding to buy. Is it not important to make sure that your website is reachable by search engines?

How can we make the websites more visible to search engines? Answer is search engine optimization or SEO. Google has come up with great algorithms to help the users get the right content that they are searching for.

SEO is a process of providing the information in a structured way so that it helps the users.

There are two steps in SEO

1) On page SEO

2) Off page SEO

Let us look at on page SEO: Steps to be taken for on page SEO are

1) Make research about right keywords for business. Use google AdWords

- Primary, secondary , long tail keywords are important

Picture shows how to make a search for your niche

2) Check the google trend to understand if these are the right keywords

3) Include keywords, description in Meta tags of your SEO page

4) It is important to make your website mobile responsive – google gives preferences to mobile responsive websites

5) Title tags and H1...H3 tags are important for SEO

6) Maintaining Key word density of 2-3%.Dont stuff keywords, you may be penalized.

7) Implement right alt text for images for better image SEO

8) Write content with more than 500 words. Best would be to have 2000 words.
Use keywords in a natural way , include keywords in headings

9) After all these steps check for web page loading speed, use, loading speed is important parameter to rank higher. Loading speed should be lesser than 3 seconds

10) Site map creation and uploading

11) Submitting the website to search console for indexing

12) Interlink your pages in a structured way for better SEO

13) Updating the contents at least once a week. Google gives preference to fresh contents

With this on page SEO is done, but this is not one time process, you need to keep refining the contents with better information and also based on the feedbacks from users and SEO analysis.

There is a free tool to check the SEO score of the page called This is a wonderful tool for getting insight of all parameters mentioned above.

If you are using WordPress plugin, you could use Yoast SEO to identify SEO compliance .Yoast SEO is a free tool and very helpful. Adding a yoast SEO plugin is pretty easy and coding knowledge is not required.

After on page SEO it’s time to think of making off page SEO. This step is more of authority building and giving trust to the user. Off page SEO is more time consuming and really needs effort to establish the right authority.

Let’s see off page optimization steps now

Link building – back link creation

- Directory submission

- Infographics submission

- Video submission

- Blog directory submission

- Article submission

It is important to get the backlinks from high domain authority web sites to increase the search ranking.

Do follow links will help to increase the domain authority.

One of the important thing is to interlink the pages of the website. This helps the users to seamlessly browse and get the required information.

Some of useful articles to follow about off page SEO are everything-you-need-to-know-about-off-page-seo

You find a lot of good SEO tips in this website from an experienced digital marketer.



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