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Social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

It is said that the birth of social media was in 1997, but internet itself was not accessed by many people. The first social media web site is, by 2000 internet gained more popularity and 100 million people had access to internet. There were few social media websites available but not so popular until Facebook and Twitter came into picture in 2005.From 2005 onwards social media really gained exponential popularity and growth. As on today about 1.7 billion users are active every month on Facebook. A platform started for sharing happy moments is connects billions of people across the globe.

Apart from Facebook other social media platform are Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Youtube, Linked in, Tumbler, Pinterest etc. Nobody can predict what the future of social media is but it’s one of the most effective way of exchanging the information and for good engagement. Each social media has its own unique advantage of marketing. The method used for brand awareness, lead generation using social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are called social media marketing.

7 reasons to use social media for marketing your brand

1. Easy to set up and use: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn provide a variety of options for advertisements and it is not very complicated to set up ,there is no need to have any coding/HTML experience. You need to have good banners, rich media banners and some good images or videos to start with. Each platform gives a very detailed user documentation about how to set up the ads. One of the tool to use for creating banners is

2. Tracking of engagement and number of reach could be known by looking at the reports provided.

3. Different cost models like cost per mile or cost per 1000 impressions and cost per click. This helps you to choose based on your need.

4. Viral communication: It is a viral way of sharing the information. When the content is interesting it goes viral and you realize that suddenly millions of people came to know about the content you posted

5. Cost effective: From the experience we can say Facebook is one of the nice platforms for good lead generation for B2C business. It is much low cost compared toGoogle AdWords.

6. Different targeting possibilities like based on location, gender, age, interest etc.

7. Mobile friendly ads- Many users have switched to mobile from desktop so the social media has become mobile friendly.

Which social media to use for my business?

We are going to talk about Facebook, Twitter, Linked and we will compare the advantages and disadvantages of these media




Linked In

Cost :

Highly cost effective



Number of users

Very high

Very high

Low compared to Twitter and Linked in

Audience targeting



Great :

As a professional network, it’s possible to achieve precise targeting

Type of business

Good for B2C

Good for B2C and B2B

Ideal for B2B

Major usage purpose

Lead generation & engagement

Brand building

Brand building and lead generation

6 Tips for increasing conversion using social media marketing

1. Increase the usage of pictures and videos instead of plain text –make appealing contents instead of time consuming reading for a user. Eye catching rich media ads will improve the engagement.

2. Make the content relevant for advertisements

3. Make clear call to action labels/ buttons – e.g. if you are publishing a blog at the end write like “If you like the content feel free to share it “ add social icons for easy sharing.

4. For lead generation forms keep as minimum fields as required. A user will not be happy to fill a big list of items. Keep it relevant and minimum.

5. Keep the brand name and page name same in all social media.

6. Refine your targeting based on the experience for current campaigns.

Useful articles for social media marketing

In summary Social media marketing is adding a lot of value for business in terms of organic and non-organic growth.



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