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Web design - One most important advice for a business owner

Is it not nice when you hear that there is only one important advice? We get a lot of advice every day right?

Today I am going to advice you important step that I missed to follow and got into troubles. Hope my advice will help some of you.

Being a tech-geek, I decided to create my website using HTML and not with content management system like WordPress. It took me a lot of time to learn the platform, of course I enjoyed learning it and I spent sleepless nights to bring up the coded website. My site was finally completed with complete satisfaction as I wished.

As my learning of digital marketing deepened, it became necessary to update the content and Blogs and apply SEO techniques. A coded website is more difficult to update.

It is important to create new pages manually and add the content with HTML syntax. There came the technique of reusing a template, made my own template to achieve this.

Creating sitemap was next big step, but luckily google search showed me the way to create a sitemap. Each time a new page is added sitemap needs to be updated. This step is needed for google to index the new page. Site map tool link

Editing and updating content is lot easier in CMS system due to inbuilt spell and grammar checks. Aligning text, coloring text, adding image are much easier and faster with CMS.

Next important step is to engage your audience by allowing them to ask questions and drop comments on your blog. This became a big challenge to solve. Finally DISQUS plugin came to save my website. This is one of the best plugin tool to moderate comments. DISQUS supports variety of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more.

At last I have a website with all required features. I truly enjoyed this difficult journey, and happy that at least things are fine.

So what is the advice?

For your business website, go for CMS / content management system. If you decide to outsource Web Design to third party, insist on content management based web site. Content management systems provide a lot of flexibility and saves huge maintenance effort. There are many plugins to extend required features. Of course if you decide to design then WordPress is one of the best option.

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