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People are increasingly searching internet for information today , can you afford to lose on this opportunity? Are you aware of recent trends in consumer behaviour on internet while they browse websites. About 80% of the people search in search engines before deciding to buy products or services. 61% of them actually check the reviews of the brand. Reference: Moz.com

Old time Brick and motor companies have started to go online; going online is of great advantage. It gives a clear data about the user engagement information of your business.

There are plenty of options available to go online.

  1. Social media pages For more information on advertising on social media marketing, refer our earlier social media marketing blog.
  2. Your own website
  3. Ecommerce platforms when you want to sell
  4. Local online advertising platforms

Starting a business with shoe string budget needs a lot of hard work as the business has very less revenue or no revenue at all. It takes a great deal of personal time and compromise if you do not have profits from your business. To start with, it is better to go with local ad platforms e.g. Just dial or Quikr in India. These platforms already have a lot of visitors and will give very quick result, but the charges will be bit higher. I have written this article keeping my focus on resources you need for creating your own website. Before deciding to go for your own website you should ask the question is It really necessary to have your website and if your answer is yes- I am going to build one then create a plan of how you would build it and market it. It is really one of the challenges for the start-ups to find out how to promote their website. Billions of websites are available worldwide and how do you want your audiences to reach your site. A clear thinking is necessary in this direction

Make your own monthly budget plan taking into account of below facts and fine tune them as you progress.

  1. Budget for buying the domain name
  2. Hosting plan and budget for hosting
  3. Budget for SEO
  4. Budget for content creation or blogs
  5. Budget for online advertisements
  6. Social media marketing budget
  7. Email marketing and subscriber building budget

If you wish to do all these things on your own then you need to take a lot of time in learning these things. Of course a lot of material is available online and you will get support and help by many communities. I am going to describe detailed steps and information about online materials that I have personally used.

Steps to build your own website

1) As a first step you need to buy domain name, buy a domain that represents your business name brand name or use the keyword that is popular in your niche area. You can buy domain from godaddy. Also first time users get coupons from godaddy and you can buy the domain at lesser price. Google for coupon codes of Godaddy.

2) Your domain is just like an address. It is like you have purchased a plot but you need to build your house now. You have to fill the content now, as a first step go for hosting. There are multiple options. For a new website a shored hosting is perfect and you do not need a dedicated hosting until a a great traffic Some of the hosting platforms I came across are Hostgator,Bluehost,Godaddy hosting and there are some local hosting services also available but from experience from security ,service quality Hostgator and Godaddy are good options. While buying the hosting you get 2 options one is Windows hosting and another is Linux hosting.Linux being the open source it is the best one for hosting, many automation tools are built on Linux and will not work on windows hosting. Better to buy Linux hosting plans. Single domain and less bandwidth plan and you could upgrade any time later.

3) After getting the hosting work starts. You need to think of what is the best platform to build the website. Many options are available and it depends on what is your aim. Gone are the days where web developers used pure HTML to build the sites by coding it. This is very time consuming option and you need to be a coder. Maintenance is quite difficult but it gives the option of great design and complete control over the functionality. It is advisable to go with the CMS or content management system. Most popular CMS system is WordPress platform To sell products or to make an Ecommerce website Magento is the most preferred platform. Joomla is also an option as it provides similar features like WordPress but it is user friendly .Personal recommendation is to use WordPress as a lot of templates and plugins are available and you get community help.

4) You will need many pictures to make your web site very attractive. Make a design on a paper and decide kind of pictures you need for making your website. Useful links or resources are listed here.

Pixabay , Unsplash.com - A lot of pictures are available for free. You can also buy some pictures here from Shutterstock. After you download images then compress these images using Tiny Png .This step reduces image size to a great extent so that the web page speed improves a lot. Many a times picture sizes are reduced by 50-70% without compromising quality of the image.

5) One more useful tool to combine the images or to create good background and great text designs, you can make use of Canva.You can customize images or add some texts to the image.

6) Now you are done with the preparation and can start to upload the contents or build your website.

One of the videos of how to make your own website

You need to choose one of the WordPress themes either free or paid ones based on what you like.Great themes could be found in themeforest or in elegantthemes.

Theme forest

Elegant themes

Important plugins you need - video tutorial

Hopefully with all these resources you can complete your website design .Roughly you need 2-3 weeks to get a satisfactory website. If you do not want to spend this time then outsource it to a website development company or freelancer. Keep in mind to take all passwords for domain and if you get it hosted from a freelancer, get the password for Cpanel, otherwise after a year you will be in trouble to renew the domain and hosting.

7) After the designing and hosting your website, check it out how it looks by typing the domain name in your browser.

8) After hosting your website now your job is to start working on its promotion. Without promotion no one can find your website. Work on 3 different channels Paid Advertisements, Social media advertisements and SEO.SEO is one the most important aspect, but it is time consuming and a very long process. Do not expect organic traffic within 6 months to your website, search engines like Google and Bing need to know about your website and a SEO process has to be followed. Read earlier blog on SEO. Both on page and off page SEO needs to be carried out and most important thing is to build the links to increase domain authority. SEO helps you to organically get the right audiences to your web page.

9) To keep in touch with audiences a very good way is to make use of email marketing. Mail chimp, Getresponse and Aweber are some of the best tools you can use for sharing regular newsletters. It is very important to keep your clients engaged and email marketing comes as a great method for this.

10) Provide reference to your websites via social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.Read our blog on social media tips

Wish you good luck for building your website. If you like this article, please do share on social media and to your pals. Please leave your comments below.

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