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7 WordPress Plugins must to have for a web designer

Thinking of creating your first website, here are some tips for website designers.

It is always fun to create a new web site and see how creative you are .To challenge yourself with new ideas and better designs. Web design becomes simple when you know what tools to use. Unlike earlier days there is no need of HTML coding. We have better possibilities with content management systems(CMS) like Joomla and WordPress and many more.

Most popular web design platform as of today is WordPress. WordPress powers billions of websites today. Statistics show that more than 50% of world's websites are built using WordPress. WordPress is the best choice for Bloggers and web designers.

Let me try to share information about WordPress plugins I used to build my own website. Believe me it took a great deal of effort and time to figure out which are the best plugins needed to power a website. I made the mistake of finding it out on my own without reading articles from other users. I thought of sharing the information, so that it could help new users of WordPress.

Plugins help in expanding the features of the website whenever you need it.

Beaver Builder

This is one of the simple and efficient page builder with light weighted code generation.This plugin doesnot hurt page load time. Using this page builder you can add rows columns to a web page or a blog post. It's very simple to use this plugin.

Steps to install

1 Go to WordPress dash board of your site

2 Go to Plugins

3 Click on Add a new plugin

4 Enter beaverbuilder in search keyword

5 Install the plug in and do not forget to activate it. This plug in has a pro version, I have tried the light version of page builder. It works well.

After installation you will see the screen as shown in picture

There are several advantage of using beaverbuilder for a webdesigner

You can position images and text with precision, and build column based layouts in minutes

Live, Front End Editing

Mobile Friendly / Responsive web design


Jet pack is one of the most popular plugin among WordPress users. When Jetpack is connected with a single account you can edit multiple websites using single interface. This feature is very helpful for a web designer.

JetPack provides features of social sharing when a blog is published, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn could be connected and as soon as a new post is published it could be shared.

JetPack provides additional security features and protects malwares and protects from hacking. This is paid feature.

One more interesting feature is image optimization, helping site owners to increase the speed of image loading by delivering images from WordPress cloud.

For more details about the usge please read JetPack user guide

Wp Super Cache

This is the most important plugin to enhance the user experience in terms of site speed. Have you ever pressed back when you are accessing website that takes more than 5 seconds, sounds familiar right? WordPress by itself creates delay as it is coded in PHP and involves server side interaction. Using a cache is very important to make sure that visitors hang on to your website.

My personal view is WP super cache is better than WP total cache in terms of its usage. I felt this is easier to use even for a non-technical person.

After installing the plugin ,you need to activate it .In settings cache needs to be turned on and then there are some configurations to be done. But believe me its far effective and easy.My web page load time decreased by 1.5 seconds after using the plugin

ConatctForm 7

When a visitor wants to know more about your products or services, he needs a channel to communicate with you. Contact form 7 helps you to get in touch with the needy visitors. Visitors are asked to fill in email and other details so that you can contact them back later. This brings more trust in your business. This is a very simple plug in and is also popular as it is easy to use and free.

Once the plug in is installed and activated, go to settings create a new form.

Select the required fields like email, contact, city etc. Save the form

Copy the short code and paste it in web page where you need your visitors to fill in details

Yoast SEO

Among billions of website how would a person know about your website and its content? A user normally searches in search engine for the information he need and search engines will direct the users to relevant website based on the works they searched. Among some many websites with similar content search engines like google have to provide the most relevant and authentic information to the user. SEO is the technique of making a content that has clear focus and could add value to the user.

Yoast SEO plugin checks the blog post and suggests the improvements needed to make the content better. One of the check is relevancy of content to the title tag .It is very easy to use the plug in as suggestions will be provided by the tool

WP SMush

WP smush helps for image compression, once the plugin is activated and enabled it starts compressing new images uploaded. This helps in reducing effort required for manual image compression. In a website more than 50% of the memory size comes from images. Images could be compressed to a level of 60-70% of original memory without losing quality. With this it saves a lot of memory and bandwidth. Web site loading speed increases drastically.

Google analytics dashboard for WP

For any online business from Blogging to Ecommerce data analytics plays an important role. It’s important to know the behaviour of visitors, how much time they spend on your website, which pages are visited and which pages are not, what is the bounce rate. Google analytics help you to identify such information.

Install the plugin google analytics dashboard for WP by Alin Marcu and activate the plugin

Sign up with google analytics using your Gmail ID.Signing up with Google analytics is the prerequisite for proper working of this plugin

Follow the installation guideline video shown below

I have personally tried out these plugins and found beneficial for web design.These are free tools and of great help.If you find this piece of contenet helpfull do share it with others.Pleae leave your comments below

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