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Web Design guide

Designing a good website so important for a business?

If this question was asked 20 years ago the answer would be no. Could you still afford not to have a website when most of the people are using internet to search for the services and products. Studies show that 82% of the people do a search in google before buying any product. World is very much connected and information flow is very fast, at the same time there are too much of information to handle. To help your clients locate you for the business it is not only necessary to have a great web design or a web site but also to make the website visible to search engines. At Kirvanisolutions you get a great looking web design also supported by data analytics of your visitors. Our aim is not only web design but also support the small to medium organizations to grow their business with the help of google analytics. By default web design follows the on page SEO process. We believe in doing the things right the very first. Quality and user experience is the most important thing for us.

We believe in delivering a service that truly adds value to our clients at an affordable price.

From any Freelancers you can get a web site made at a very low cost, but do you get support afterwards or do you get the necessary trainings to handle your website. Are you aware of the number of visitors to your web site, do you know what your customers really need? Do you have really useful content for your clients to help them out? These are the common questions you should probably ask before making a decision. Web sites fail to attract clients because many web designers focus on great designs but forget all about Search Engine visibility (SEO), digitalmarketing of the website and user experience. We take a different approach, web design has two important focus

one is professional design and the second one is Search engine optimization. After completing the web design we integrate it with google analytics and help you to understand website visitors and derive customer insights.

Our web designers are empowered by the knowledge of digitalmarketing, they are certified digitalmarketing professionals. Our aim is to make process driven web design for better client satisfaction. We follow strong process steps to achieve continuous improvements and best quality

Web design process - 6 important steps

1 Understand clients requirements

2 Create samples/web design and get it approved

3 Implement the required changes

4 Test all features for robustness

5 Check the responsiveness on mobile and different browser

6 Host the website

Web design outsourcing - Important points to consider for your business

- Decide the company or designer after having a look at past websites designed
- Take a look at different types of web sites and decide the layout for your web design
- For better front end and light weight websites bootstrap is a avery good platfrom, and for blogging Wordpress is good platfrom, take a look at our free bootstrap theme
- After the web design is complete make sure to give feedbacks for improvements
- Make a check of all links , test for broken links - this factor has influence on ranking of web page,because no user likes 404 error from web server
- See the web site using your mobile phone to make sure it is mobile friendly
- run speed test using GTMetrics If the loading speed is above 3 seconds you need to ask the web designer to find ways to optimize the speed
- Decide whether you need a shared or dedicated hosting, initially it is better to go with sahred hosting and when traffic is more swith to dedicated hosting
- Remeber to update contents of your website once a week,as content freshness is one of the parameters for SEO ranking
- If you want to regularly post the blogs then use contenet management system for web design , WodrPress is the most suitable for blogging
- Ask your web designer for integrsting google analytics , so that you can monitor the website traffic regularly
- Finally make sure that you have complete access and control to maintain your website

Our team does web design on different platforms like CMS - Word Press, HTML5 ,CSS3 and Bootstrap.

Can you keep your customers waiting for your website to load? Absolutely not, loading speed is another key aspect for loosing visitors to a web site. A site may be designed by a great web designer with a great look but if it cannot load within 3 seconds then the complete effort is in vain. Do not worry we have a solution, our wed design process takes care of loading speed. A total solution at a reasonable price is our vision.



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